No corners!

I had lunch a few days ago with a lovely couple who had worked as medical doctors in Zambia.

I learnt an interesting fact from them

In the native language of the Zambian people there was no word for a corner. The word "corner" just didn't exist!  They thought in terms of natural curves and flows. They lived in round huts and had no corners in anything!

They had to adapt their language after western society introduced straight lines and boxes, cubes and corners into their world. So their language adopted the English word "corner" into it.

It must be strange living in a world with no corners. Where shapes are formed naturally and are smoothed by time to be best suited for their purpose.

It must be stranger still to not have the philosophical concept of hiding in your own corner or defending your corner. What would it be like if you could not be backed into a corner with the associated connotations of foul play? Supposing you could not corner someone or you could not hide in a corner!

I think there would be definite advantages to a world without corners!

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