The importance of mathematics

I ordered a new fridge freezer today.
But I could not order the one I really wanted because of the maths!
The room where the freezer will sit is 2020mm tall. The freezer was 2010mm tall. That looks a good fit - just 1cm at the top so no wasted space!  But the door to the room is lower. The freezer will have to be carried through on its side and then straightened up. As it is twisted into an upright position then it will become taller than the 1cm gap! In fact using the geometry that I remember from school  (the square of the hypotenuse equals the square of the other two sides) I was able to work out that the freezer would need a height of 2110 to clear the ceiling. 
I did the same sum on the other freezers that were on the website and found that one at 1750mm tall would only get to 1860mm high when rotated to stand upright.So I ordered that one. 
I really hope that I have got the sums correct - It could be an expensive mistake otherwise!!

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