An ancient cure for stress.

St Augustine is believed to have coined the phrase "Solvitur Ambulando" which means "it is solved by walking". (Other ancient writers also have this phrase attributed to them.) A more idiomatic English translation might be “you’ll find the answer as you go.”

Whichever is the correct source of the phrase it has been quoted by Dorothy L Sayers, Thoreau, and Bruce Chatwin in their works.

When you feel stressed a walk is the best cure I know. Once you get outdoors in the open air, ideally amongst wild nature, then with the wind blowing around you and in your hair, your own concerns seen to shrink and get into proportion. Your mind clears and you see much better probably because of both the fresh air and the exercise.

We have dogs. They love to walk.  They have to go out every day rain or snow, wind or storm. They make me walk them even when I don't feel like it or would prefer to be huddled up beside the fire with a good book.

Setting out for a walk you can hold some question that is causing you concern in your mind. Not worrying about it but holding it there gently in your thoughts as you enjoy the physical aspects of taking a walk. Perhaps you want to do the same with something that you are worrying about. It is likely that when you return from the walk the stress will be reduced or gone and you will see more clearly.

When you walk in company you often chat about problems you are facing and often come up with solutions. Walking alone is essential for writers who often find it is a time that develops plots and ideas for his books. A walk can also be a cure for a writers block.  If you are not blessed as I am to live next to beautiful woods maybe when you walk you have to cross major road intersections. Instead instead of streams and distant mountain views you walk past apartment blocks, shops and factories but you can still lose yourself in the exercise. You are outside. You are taking in the perspective of the wider world. It is the walking that brings healing and up to a point it doesn't matter where you walk - though I know which I would find preferable.

Solvitur Ambulando

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