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GUARDIAN ANGEL my new novel is almost available.

It will be published in next day or so....

I am excited!

Guardian Angel Gregorious is sent to Scotland on a mission to give fate a kick in the right direction. Many people in the west end of Glasgow need some angelic help. There are the young women who have escaped from unhealthy relationships and come to stay in a women's refuge run by eccentric nuns. There is the owner of a nearby chic 'angel' boutique who has never seen an angel. There is an ex-rugby player who is confined to a wheelchair since an accident left him depressed and withdrawn. And many miles away, on a Hebridean island there is a troubled young minister.
Add to this mix a family where women have the gift of second sight, a family seeking to reclaim their inheritance and an increasingly desperate gangster who wants revenge on the woman who left him. Guardian Angel Gregorious steps into the storm to put fate back on course, but will anyone accept guidance from a heavenly messenger? Can he have any influence in the twenty-first century when many don't believe?

Jean de Beurre writes a lively paced romantic adventure set in Glasgow and on the beautiful islands of the windswept Hebrides.