Capcir spring by Jean de Beurre on Amazon Kindle

Capcir Spring is a romantic adventure novel set in the French Pyrenees. It is now available as a download from Amazon for the Kindle.

Mary believed that she had left her past behind her as she started exploring Cathar ruins in the French Pyreneen mountains to further her academic career. She has problems sleeping: her nightmares not only relive the ruthless persecution of local people by the Inquisition but are also mixed up with flashbacks to more recent traumatic events in her life. When Mary discovers a plan to destroy the heritage site that she has discovered, she joins forces with John to protect the mountains. 

Unknown to her John too is trying to escape from a painful past in the quiet, out of season French ski resort of Les Angles. In the conservation battle they join forces with an eccentric group of new age travellers. Both Mary and John have to overcome their personal demons and in doing so they each rediscover what is really important in their lives.

In this novel of about 70,000 words, set in contemporary France, Jean de Beurre brings together insights from psychology, history and theology in a romantic adventure.

You can get your copy by
clicking HERE if you are in the USA or here if you are in the UK

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