Keyboard or paper?

How to actually physically write can be a dilemma for writers today. Should you work directly onto a computer keyboard and see your text grow in your chosen font on the screen in front of your eyes. Or should you fill a notebook with a handwritten script that flows directly and physically from the motion of your hands. Or should you wear a headset and dictate the words into a microphone and use voice recognition software to make the words appear instantly on the screen. 
Successful authors swear by all these different methods of writing and many others besides. It is really up to you to find what suits you. I have tried them all. And to an extent they all work. It is often a matter of convenience as to which you use. If you like to write in the woods then carrying a notebook will be a lot easier than even the lightest laptop.  If you like sitting in an armchair close to the fire a laptop may be better than a desktop computer. If you want to dictate your masterpiece you may work faster but you may find the technology very frustrating in that it doesn't always work as well as it is supposed to! (At least that is my experience.)
The advice is try. If you really want to write you will write and write and if you run out of paper you will scribble on the back of cardboard cartons. Ultimately what matters is getting your thoughts down onto a medium where you can come back to them and edit them and make them into a real piece of writing. Any writing that hasn't been edited will be raw and unpolished. It should never be considered a finished product. I will write about editing another time.

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