Lakeside - short stories for Kindle

The second in the series of Coffee Time Short Stories for kindle is now published. Here is a preview of the cover and the contents:
Five short stories that tell of people dealing with the unexpected. Each story has a twist that will keep you guessing.

In 'Lakeside' Greg's beautiful new girlfriend is a cause of conflict at a barbecue on one of the hottest days of the year. (2200 words)

In 'Why I gave up camping' an unsettling event leaves the author not knowing where to turn. (2620 words)

'The Unlikely Romance of Spiro McEwe' tells how a bizarre hobby can lead to romance with unexpected consequences. (1500 words)

'Peggy's Journey' describes a trip prompted by an article in a local newspaper.  (1800 words)

'Dawn's New Man' tells how a nineteen year old student discovers the disappointment and joy of love.  (1500 words)

Settle down with a cup of coffee and enjoy. 

Volume one of this series of short stories is called “Five Tales of Mystery and Magic”

Available on Amazon for the kindle  $0.99 US  or  £0.77 UK link click here to purchase a copy

The UK kindle link click here to purchase a copy

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