Capcir Spring and objective criticism

In the months since I finished "Capcir Spring" I have been receiving lots of feedback from friends who have read the book. This has been a very positive experience, but then they would say nice things wouldn't they - they are friends after all!

But people I don't know have bought the book and posted positive comments on the Amazon. This is much more satisfying.

When you know an author you cannot help keeping in mind what you know about the person when you read their work. Perhaps you are looking for mutual friends thinly disguised as characters? Perhaps you are working out how your friends mind works! Whatever you are looking for it is hard to be objective and take the work as an isolated whole and look at it as a creation totally separate to the privileged background information about the author that you posses. 

As I work on my next novel, it is nice to know that my creation "Capcir Spring" worked for people who have never met me and know nothing about me. It is a huge ego trip to create a world, create people to fill it, invent their history and make them do interesting things. Creativity is the starting point but this is followed by many hours of hard work to make those ideas and insights into something that is good enough to share with the world.

Jean de Beurre.

You can get your copy of "Capcir Spring"by clicking HERE if you are in the USA or here if you are in the UK

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