Capcir is in the Pyrenees

Capcir Spring is set in the Pyrenees. What do you know about this mountain range?

The Pyrenees mountains stretch for 480km from the Atlantic coast across to the Mediterranean forming an impressive natural frontier between France and Spain. They rose from beneath a shallow sea millions of years ago when the European and African continental plates collided. Since then the gigantic glaciers that covered most of Europe during the last great ice age have shaped the magical natural features we see here today.
The Pyrenees mountains are not just a geographical barrier between France and Spain, but a divide of culture, climate, flora and fauna and way of life between two very different countries. The Pyrenees are one of the last wilderness areas of Europe and can only really be appreciated on foot. 
The Capcir plateau offers hiking trails to short walks and Capcir and Haut Conflent are traversed by the GR10 and HRP (marked long distance footpaths) linking Hendaye to Banyuls.

You can get your copy of "Capcir Spring"by clicking HERE if you are in the USA or here if you are in the UK

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