Jean de Beurre

Some interesting facts about Jean de Beurre.

Jean de Beurre:
  • lives in central Scotland
  • writes fiction 
  • finished Capcir Spring in 2005 and it was first published by Lulu in 2006. The kindle edition came out in 2012
  • has also published a book of short stories
  • is working on a new novel set in Glasgow
  • is married with grown up children
  • is a Christian (liberal - middle of the road)
  • enjoys travel and photography
  • studied both urbanism and theology at post grad level at University (at different times)
  • has worked in the voluntary sector for over 20 years
  • enjoys cycling
  • sung in the musical "The Music Man" in 2011
  • is on the board of an environmental charity
  • was the editor of a fellowship journal for over 10 years
  • has written numerous articles and book reviews for magazines and newspapers
  • likes the operettas of Gilbert and Sullivan

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