Character portraits on Kindle novel Capcir Spring number 1: Mary


  • Mary is the heroine of Capcir Spring.
  • She is researching the Cathars in the French Pyranean mountains for her academic career. 
  • Since the end of her marriage she has devoted herself to historical research and wants to be a professor.
  • She is in her 30s, blond, intelligent and many consider her stunningly attractive. 
  • She is very sensitive to atmospheres and has a lively imagination. 
  • Mary has given up on relationships after the failure of her marriage in a painful and violent way.
  • She has seen the church at work from the inside and is suspicious of the motives and actions of the clergy. 
  • Her single minded determination to become someone known in her own right for her own achievements is deeply embedded in her psyche
  • This novel describes how, whilst pursuing her academic goals, her world is turned upside down and the possibility of another future emerges.
  • It is a novel containing intrigue, crime, romance, and mystery in a beautiful French setting with a credible historical background based on recent research.
You can get your copy of "Capcir Spring"by clicking HERE if you are in the USA or here if you are in the UK

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