book review - “The diary of a frazzled mother” by Julia Frazzleby

This is not a genre that I normally read but I finished and enjoyed this book.
This book in diary form describes the pressures of life for a middle class family where two incomes are needed to support a menagerie of animals and dependent children.
It is written by the frazzled wife who takes responsibility for everything. The husband is a shadowy figure who takes little part in parenting or family life – perhaps he is just needed to provide the dosh to keep the whole show on the road!
In parts it was a very funny book and there were several places where I laughed out loud.
Other parts were alien to my experience: I never tweet, I text rarely and couldn't imaging why anyone would want alpacas, sheep, pigs cats, dogs and horses as pets! I am sure I would have been frazzled too if I had taken on looking after this zoo whilst holding down a full time job and having responsibility for an elderly parent suffering from dementia as well as a teen with issues at school.
A few of the numerous incidents portrayed may have been extremely funny for those there at the time as they dissolved in fits of giggles however they aren't necessarily as amusing in a written account. The author uses acronyms for all the protagonists, such as SIL for sister in law, but there were so many of these that I found this literary device overused. The awful sister in law is so dreadful that she becomes an unbelievable figure of fun and I was cheering on the teens as they found ways to humiliate her.
It is a good example of its genre and there are many incidents that working parents who juggle many responsibilities will recognise. 

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